G’day all,

So this site has been a work in progress for about 7-8 years now, and as such, has gone through a few changes in it’s time. The only thing that hasn’t changed so far is the Age Of Distraction name. Originally I was planning to make the site into somewhere I could write short stories and let people read through them, but that died all too quickly. The next step was to make it into a picture sharing site, which also fell through quickly, due to the many social media sites already around at the time.

The next few iterations were as a forum for the various gaming guilds I was apart of. These lasted a little longer, but as with everything, eventually died out as time progressed and the guilds began to drift apart. BUT NOW!!! Now I think I have finally found my niche for this site. I have a game in the works, as well as discovering the wonderful world of 3D image rendering and the likes. So for now, this site will house my current progress in both of those fields. I have links on the top menu bar to the gaming and images sections, so please feel free to check them out and leave me some feedback.