Grieving Gastrona

This is my current progress on my game. Please check the indicators next to each version, as I will list if they are updated, updating or outdated. I will try when updating, to list a rough ETA for completion.

I will be pushing out updates every tuesday starting at 9PM AWST. Please make sure to save any and all progress before that time.


Android Version

Grieving-Gastrona-V004 – Not Working Currently
To access the menu in game, press two fingers on the screen. To go back from the menu, press two fingers on the screen. 

Pc Version

Greiving-Gastrona-V001 – Outdated
To access in game menu, press the right mouse button and then press it again to exit menus. 

Web Browser Version

Browser Game – Updated
To access the main menu, use the same method as the PC version if on PC, and the same method for Android if using a mobile device or tablet. And repeat the same steps to exit any menus or to go back to a previous menu. 

Unfortunately, I have been unable to work out how to set this to display full screen on any device/browser. I am still working on a fix for this (As for now, if you’re using an Android device and browsing via Chrome, go to your drop down menu in the top right corner, and select ‘Add To Home Screen’). 

I would like only constructive ideas please. Send them to my Email if you can.

Game Update Log