Grieving Gastrona Updates

Here you will find the progress report on my game. Please see below.


  • Added a tiny bit of back story to the game. As this is still a brand new project, there won’t be a whole lot of story for the time being, as I’m still trying to find my feet with the project. I eventually plan to possibly add a section to this site with the story of the game (Possibly a prologue, so you get an idea of what the game is about).


  • New dungeon added to the game. You can get your first party member in this dungeon. The dungeon is only small as I am still getting the hang of it all, and certain events are a bit time consuming, which caused me to dumb the dungeon design down to get this update out.


  • I have now added a system to create your own unique name for your character.
  • Also modified the dialogue of certain NPC’s to reflect your custom character name.
    Made changes to some NPC’s due to buggy or poor dialogue.


  • I have built a second dungeon.
  • Also I now have a working login system for playing the browser version on any device, and having the save transfer when you use the browser version on a new device. Please make sure you remember your login details as I am yet to work out a user recovery system.
  • New boss has been added as well and also made a slight change to some of the dialogue in the game.
  • The next update will hopefully see the addition of a multi room dungeon, and more of the story added to the game.


  • I have now implemented dungeon #2.
  • 1st quest has also been added. See the girl on the right in the blue tower to start this quest. *Bare in mind I would suggest being at least level 15 to attempt the quest as there is a difficult section.*


  • Third dungeon is now in progress also.
  • Android and PC versions have also received the same update as the browser version, and I will start uploading them to the server starting Tuesday night.
  • Quest log has also been added to the game, along with it’s very first quest. Try it out at the Blue Tower. EDIT: Quest Log is in a very basic stage, but still there for feedback.


Finally back on board and working on the game again, as I had a fair bit of a break to work on getting the hang of 3D rendering for asset creation. The next update may still be a bit aways, as I have to work on each current character to design a 3D bust of them. Hopefully I should be able to push an update soonish. So hopefully it won’t be such a gap between this and the next update.

Also looking into making a couple of 3D animations for cutscenes, but will update more on this down the track as they are only concepts.
Still struggling with ideas for the direction I want the story to go in. So if you have any ideas, please let me know on the contact page please.